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WFOE is short for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. It is 100% controlled by its foreign shareholders. However some specific industries are forbidden to be totally owned by foreign investors.

It is a good choice, since you can decide the business operation and set targets totally on your own.

Basically, no minimum registration capital is needed, but we will give you tailored advice on registration capital according to both regulations about different industries and Chinese foreign exchange control.

Legally, you can finish injecting all the registered capital within a 30-year-long operation time.

We will help you choose the ideal business scope according to your future business plan.

We can offer you registration address for free, and help look for your desired office.

The registration will take more or less 15 working days from company name approved. At the end you will obtain:

Approval Certificate

Business License

One Set of Seals (company seal, legal representative seal, financial seal)

NOTE: all above depends on your business industry, please contact us for more information.

Materials needed to register WFOE in China (If no “copy”mentioned , “original” is needed).

If the materials are in English, then they should be translated into Chinese and stamped by the translation company or institution.

1. For a foreign enterprise:

ID Verification (two originals of each of the followings): Firstly, get notarization of the enterprise qualification in the notary authority of the country where the enterprise is located. Then go to Chinese Embassy to get authentication of the notarization.

2. For a foreign natural person:

ID Verification (two originals of each other): If he or she is in mainland China, the original passport is needed. If the individual concerned is not in mainland China, his or her passport is required to be notarized by the notary authority of the country where the passport is issued, then go to Chinese Embassy to get authentication of the notarization.

3. Proposed at least five company names in Chinese

4. Proposed business scope

5. Registration capital

6. Financial contribution proportion of registration capital by shareholders

7. The required position information: legal representative, director(s), supervisor(s)

Click here to download these details

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