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Representative Office
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An Representative Office is a liaison office of its parent company. It requires no registered capital. Its activities are limited to non-profit making activities, such as product or service promotion, market research of parent company's business, quality control or contact liaison in China. An Representative Office is generally prohibited from entering into contracts with local businesses in China. 

It is the fastest way to start up in China. Business License can be obtained within 5 days.
As for registration fee, it is also a little lower.
To register an Representative Office, an actual registration address will be required and we can also help look for your desired office.

Click here to get Materials needed for setting up an RO.

Here is the comparison between WFOE/JV and RO




 Register Capital

No minimum capital is required, but at least 100,000 RMB is advised.

No capital required.

 Business Scope

Within the law

Same to the parent company


Within 25 working days

Within 10 working days

 Company Name

Anyone that has not been used

“parent company name +china +RO”


operate just like a Chinese company

can only engaging in non-profit making activities; can not issue invoices


Legal entity

or natural individual

 Only legal entity

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